Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM)
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019-
To monitor household food accessibility, the VAM team in Pakistan is developing a comprehensive market price monitoring system which is enabling WFP to better understand how food prices are impacting households. This system links changes in international wholesale prices for major commodities to changes in wholesale and retail prices at major, regional markets in Pakistan. The impact of regional price fluxuations upon district and local markets are then assessed using a unique and innovative local market monitoring system. The impact of international and national factors in local level food prices are then discussed in VAM Monthly Market Bulletins and monthly variations in staple commodity prices are examined using spatial analysis techniques.

This market price information system relies on secondary as well as primary data collection. International and national regional market commodity prices are collected in the conventional way, from secondary sources. These primarily include FAO's market price monitoring system as well as the monthly commodity price data from the GoP's Federal Bureau of Statistics. District and local level market prices, on the other hand, are collected first-hand from jmarkets throughout KP and Balochistan. Data collection is conducted in partnership with the Provincial Bureau of Statistics in KP and Community Uplift Programme in Balochistan. Overall, prices for 15 commodities have been measured on a monthly basis in KP for over one year, with most major markets in the Swat Valley Region included. Expansion to the remaining districts has been agreeed to and will be implemented in the latter half of 2011. In Balochistan, commodity prices will be collected, starting in April 2011, in 32 district and local markets across the province.

Maps of Commodity Prices
It is our hope that this market price information system will be useful to an assortment of agencies for targeting and early warning. It is also designed to better inform WFP programming about the impact of food and cash assistance on local market prices.

Monthly Market Bulletins can be downloaded from this page.

Maps detailing estimated prices as well as projected monthly food price inflation/ deflation for various commodities in KP and Balochistan are discussed further at this link.
Monthly Market Price Bulletins

Market Assessments